We Create Epic

Become a published Author in 120 days. 

We Create Epic Books

Become a published Author in 120 days. 

Writing and Publishing a book has never been simpler.

AuthorPad offers professional publishing services to turn your story into a captivating book. You present the ideas, and we will do the rest.

Manuscript Development

Hire a professional writer and become a published author

Book Editing

Get the right book editor for your manuscript.

Custom Book Design

Get an attractive book designed by expert designers.

Book Marketing

Tap into our publishing industry expertise and sell more books.

Magazine & Newsletter

Our expert designers will help you write, edit, design and publish your content.


Our expert designers will make your brand stand out of the crowd


Our professional team of translators are on hand to do the translations just for you .


Get our professional publishing services for your book’s success.

Why choose AuthorPad

At AuthorPad, we execute our projects meticulously and on time with utmost confidentiality. We ensure that every project that passes our hands is executed with quality in mind, they go through a three-stage process before conclusion.

Our Publications

We have helped several authors achieve their dreams of becoming published
authors successfully both on the local and international market

Coaching services | Life By Design

“I wish someone would have taught me these things earlier” is the feedback we always get whenever we interact with our Coaching Clients. Life By Design is a 3-4 Months collaboration that helps you to clarify the direction your life should take. We believe that everyone is on mission on earth. Our desire is to equip as many people as possible with the tools necessary to fulfil that mission. We do this through the Life By Desing Coaching.

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