Procrastination is a Thief of Time

There are many books that went down within the heads of legends. There are many legends in whose memorial graves lies a bounteous quantity of wisdom and richness of word. And how can we now retrieve it? It is utterly impossible.

But even before we go down to the legends, there are many books that have been erased from the conscious and subconscious of living men, books that might have been realisable ideas, and books that might have been a great deal of importance to mankind.

Living men have had a lot that has occupied their minds, and procrastination has come in as the villain that steals time from them.

The great scientist who would have written a revolutionary textbook of his research will say; “I will write it next year.” In the next year he will say; “Let me first wait for this and this to happen.” The great poet who would have written the anthems of his age will say; “Let me wait for my muse to set the mood.” And before he knows it, time has worn his reflexes down.

So much does the procrastinating mind lose when it postpones tasks that could have been tackled in the present. Time is not what man has in plenty, and setting things for the future, which future we don’t even know how much time we shall have of—whether we shall be even busier or most incapable—is an error.

The only antidote to this error is holding tight to the time we have now, seizing every bit of it so that procrastination will not steal it from us.

AuthorPad Publishing House knows that there is no other time to make you a published author than now, such that the future into which we would procrastinate will find you already there. In fact, the future will not just find you there, but it will find you heading for some other future already.

If those people who have already lost the chance and can no more write can be able to relate to you their greatest regret, it would be failing to inscribe down their ideas and theories and narrations. You cannot afford to lament thus. You are capable of holding onto your time to wring from it the substance upon which you will build essence.

Procrastination is a thief of time; action is the redeemer of the present.