Why everyone should write a book.

On several occasions, as a team that has seen several clients pass through our hands-on journey to become published authors, we have encountered prospects asking us this question, why should I write? And we have always answered that everyone should write.

At the end of the day when you leave this engaging earth, what will you be remembered for, and what will you leave behind for the forthcoming generations?

Everybody has a story to share and each of them can either be inspiring or a learning experience. I would rather ask, what will I lose when I do not write a book? this will help you understand my perspective.

I strongly believe that there is a book in all us’ – but the question is when will you get this book out? life is a journey in which you learn something daily worth documenting. The acquired knowledge and experience we all have can help others, pass through where we struggled swiftly.

We have an obligation to share our experiences. Writing a book is one of the most appropriate ways to disseminate this knowledge and impact peoples’ lives.

The world constantly needs new proven and tested knowledge or ideas to help it move forward. By writing a book you will contribute towards the fulfilment of this great need.

Writing a book does not only benefit the readers but you as well. It is a life-changing experience and the possibility of becoming a better person is high. In the process of writing your book, your knowledge base is widened through research in the subject you plan to share.

In writing the book, it is necessary to make consultations to have an enriched manuscript that will be worth the read. Upon its completion, you will become an expert who may be sought after to share this information, and that is when financial benefits come in.

Note that the financial benefits of a book do not only come in from direct book sales but through consultations, do not be surprised when most of your earnings do not come from book sales but the consultations.

Do you have a passion? I believe we all do. Put your passions into the book and it will help grow your brand. You could be someone who loves public speaking. Writing something in this area will help you get known and you may be given priority because of the book you have published.

Most clients want to deal with the best, writing a book sets you apart from the crowd. Because of the book, your brand as a speaker, coach, trainer, or consultant may grow.

Writing a book is not easier said than done, it is a challenging task for many, that is why you will need consultants or even hire a ghostwriter to guide you and pen your ideas to a professional standard.

Do not worry about whether your book will be read, there is a diverse audience of ardent book readers, and you could have a portion of this. Daily, thousands of books are being written but they have not been able to quench the thirst of readers.

Give it a go, a journey of thousand miles begins with one step, now is the time for you to take that critical step.