When is the right time to write a book?

You could be a book lover who has read many books and thus gained vast knowledge. Alternatively, you are this person who has not read any book but life experiences have made you become an expert or passionate in a realm.

This could be your starting point; these points will help you realize that you are ready to write a book.

Your experience: along the journey of life, you pick nuggets that have helped you reach where you are now. There is someone out there who desires to be where you are but does not know-how and is eagerly waiting for you to reveal how you got there so that they can be guided in their journey.

The experiences we all go through in life should not be taken for granted, they are a gold mine if documented and well harnessed could make you wealthy or sought after.

Many of us have role models, it is obvious that what we admire from them is their achievements and we too desire to be achievers like them. We look to them for guidance so that we too may be successful.

Do not say that no one is interested in what you have achieved, however little it may be. Just become intentional and write that book, it will be read by not only one but many.

For the question “when is the right to write a book?” There is no definite answer to this, all you need to know is that there is a book inside of you and the earliest you release it the better.

You are Passionate about an idea; we all have passions, but others are overwhelming. Should you be woken up to talk about anything spontaneously, you automatically talk about this subject.

Then consider developing this subject to the next level, book bestsellers are all a result of writing what they are passionate about and have taken a greater understanding of this subject.

John Maxwell is passionate about leadership; he is now the world’s most renown leadership guru with over 100 books to his name. Brian Tracy is a public speaker who is passionate about self-development, he has written over 70 books. You too can become like them in your passion.

If I were to be woken up in the middle of the night, and told to give an impromptu speech, I will talk about my love for books. I like producing books much as I love reading them. You too can write books in line with your passion, so why not share your ideas to inspire and transform millions?

If you can tell someone about your ideas passionately, then you may as well reach many more formally through your book. Pick up that pen and get busy on your manuscript.

Your understanding of what a book can do. Numerous benefits come up when one writes and publishes a book. First and foremost is that it enhances your brand as a person who is engaged in some activity for example you are a life coach, a book will give you credibility.

Books can open avenues for your professional growth, as many people read your books, they connect with you and desire to interact with you on a personal level. You can never know who is reading your book.

There is a possibility that your book could land in the hands of a CEO of a flourishing company, consequently hiring you to take his/her team through what you wrote about.

I could go on and on about the benefits of books. When you get an understanding of what you stand to benefit from investing in a book, then you are ready to write one.

You may be a bestseller waiting to explode and take your rightful place as a leading author in your area of expertise, get that pen and explore your possibilities.

Expertise: have you ever wondered why authors of books especially on vital issues are needed for the growth of an organisation, a community, or a person are well sought after for consultancy, speeches, or training among others?

Initially, all these authors felt they were good at what they are doing and felt it essential to share their wealth of knowledge to benefit others.

You could be an expert in a realm that will affect others positively, but you will never know that until you share it through a book. The greatest authors you hear of today took a step of faith by writing books; they were uncertain of whether their books will be acclaimed.

Once you feel you are brilliant at what you do, then it is the right time for you to put pen to paper and get yourself known at what you are already excelling at. If you do not know how to put it down, there is always a way and someone out there to guide you if you sought their advice.

The three points I have given you are just a few pointers to the right time for you to write a book. However, there are still many more. Any of us can write a book if we purpose to because we all have something special in us to offer the world.

The difference is how we chose to, it could be through a book or any other medium. Get busy and put your thoughts down and decide what and when you want to share. This quote will inspire you.

“If there is a book, you really want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.” – Toni Morrison