The Undying Message in Writing

You may give a powerful speech or narration, in an attempt to put across notions that may for generations last. Even as you enrich your spoken message with an undying legacy and indelible emphasis, the people’s good understanding of your message is bound to gradually wither away as seasons elapse, and as it weakens with each progressing season, your message is most likely to lose its effectiveness, even though it may have been about a general and everlasting fact.

Though the vestiges of the ‘gospel’ you currently proclaim verbally may endure — for instance, the gospel of financial problems, or literature, or academics, or even the gospel of your own biography – they can scarcely sustain the concentrated beauty of your original message.

But what is written comes with a solution to all those shortcomings. When you write, apart from your message being inscribed as a legacy, it is immediately available for review and reference. The message becomes etched where it cannot be erased, and, even though you have written that narrative only once, it would be read and read several times, as though you have repeated yourself over again with immediacy and with the same satisfying effectiveness.

History is replaying before our very own eyes and will replay before the eyes of distant posterity, because of pen and paper. The great stories told by the great legends of old have been made known to us, and we know them by our names as if we were told on by the original narrators themselves. The pearls of wisdom of old that the ancestors told, proverbs and the stories they enjoyed, have been hitherto preserved by page and ink. And the richness in them has faced no dilution, the essence has not been lost, and not, at any rate, are these ancient words about to be lost. Even in realms of science and art, the knowledge in the findings of our predecessors has reached us in the same preserved weight through manuscripts. And that knowledge has changed the world a very big deal.

Why then wouldn’t you put that interesting narrative into writing? Why wouldn’t you want that story to be told even ages after your mouth can no longer relate it?

AuthorPad steps in to walk you down that road of inscribing that legacy, the legacy that shall forever not be erased, the legacy that will be a crown of pride even years after you cannot physically tell that story when seasons have worn your reflexes down.

At AuthorPad, we believe that the narrative you want to tell is probably not just intriguing to you; it would be intriguing to a whole other world as well.

And not just the current but even the future which is to come. There is interesting beauty in that interesting narration, but there is everlasting beauty in the preserved version of it. It will forever stay, and its charm will never die. It will inspire the future; it will teach and inform.

Your story is only a step away from immortality. Contact us so that we can work with you to get this done with ease.