The Speaking and Silent Words of your Book

Of what use, you may also ask yourself, is it for a writer to write a heavy volume of a manuscript which speaks less if anything to the reader? Of what use would it be for a million words to be used to describe something that can be better understood in a few thousand words?

The thing is that being wordy but ineffective in communication doesn’t only disappoint the reader but also poses a great task to the writer who in this case does almost everything he can just to communicate nothing or only a little something.

By the time one gets a pen, or sits before their computer to write a book, they already (at least we can safely surmise) have the intention to communicate meaning to whoever they intend to distribute their message to, either in way of entertainment or instruction or motivation. It is not possible that you may write a book that you have no communication reason for.

But what fruitless toil would come to the writer who in the end, after penning down hundreds of thousands of letters, communicates emptiness and doesn’t accentuate the exact message he wanted to outline in their book! And as this thing sounds distasteful to the writer, so is it to the reader who will feel pain at having to go through quantities of words that do not qualify to hold the quality of the message you desired to preach.

We know that you wouldn’t like the message of your book to be stifled within the bulk of words in which it is being explained. We know that you would like your message to stand out, even though it is being expressed with few words. And that is the essence of communication—passing on messages rather than bulks of vagueness.

Here at AuthorPad, we know that preciseness is paramount, and we know that you want your book to speak to the reader at every stage they go as they read through it, on every page they turn. And that is what we are here for—to make sure that every paragraph and sentence holds a voice, to make sure that each page is brightened up with resounding communication.

You do not need to look at any part of your book and fear that it is not driving the total message of your book to the audibility you want it to have in the conscience of the reader. At AuthorPad, we amplify the profound essence of what you are communicating, such that the world may offer you her ears and reap meaning from what you have conveyed.