The Best Plot is for Now

Have you ever written a story and thought of a sequence that would make it even better? Have you ever thought of including that one sentence that you think will be quoted forever and make your book stand out?

If so, then I guess you must have thought, at some time, of keeping that good sequence for your next book, or for the next chapter in your book, or finding a way of spreading it out through your book so that the goodness of it is not just concentrated in one place.

But you lie when you say that the present doesn’t deserve all the goodness there is to be allowed towards it. The present deserves the attention, for it is the present that directs us into the future. Therefore, you ought to give that goodness to what is currently present.

Do not wait until your next book for you to give your readers that intriguing emphasis that you should yet give to the present book that you are writing. Do not wait until the next chapter for you to insert that powerful quote that will resound in the minds of the readers. Do not wait until the next page for you to surprise the reader and to paint new pictures in their heads.

Do it now; because the best plot is for now! It is now that you should pump into your story those enthusing rhymes and verses, those twists, and highlights. The more you push them forward, the more you are likely to lose their strength, and the more the reader will have to flip through the pages of your book without finding anything that will keep them absorbed.

At AuthorPad, we know the power of the ‘now time’. We know that if the future of your manuscript is to be moulded into shape, then it must be now, it must be in that chapter you are writing now, it must be on that page you are writing now—not at the end of things. That is why we pride in having your manuscript given a special treat at every stage it takes, from the start, through the process of building it, to the very end. Each part is attended to in its ‘now time,’ because the best deserves to be given in the ‘now time.’

If there’s anything good you feel could be necessary to your book, do not think about the future. Some futures might never come. Give it your best now.