Lawrence Namale

Lawrence Namale

Lead Writer

Lawrence is a seasoned and imaginative writer and author, known for his versatility and adaptability across various genres. With his exceptional talent, insatiable curiosity, and knack for capturing his clients’ voices, he brings their stories and concepts to life with narratives that are both soulful and lively, and dialogue that crackles with irreverent humour.

Lawrence has authored several books, including the best-selling Turn Your Setbacks into Comebacks and 21 Commandments to Mastermind Your Comeback, and has overseen the publication of over 14 other books. In addition to his book writing, he also writes articles, blog posts, and hosts podcasts for Life Signatures.

As a life coach and keynote speaker, Lawrence uses his skills as a wordsmith and captivating motivator to inspire individuals from all walks of life. He encourages them to discover their inner goldmines and share their light with the world, whether they are job seekers, those feeling stuck, or people with existing careers.

Lawrence’s extensive experience as a life coach and speaker has made him a highly sought-after writer for memoirs, business books, spiritual books, self-help books, and coaching books, among others.