Julius Ocwinyo

Julius Ocwinyo



Ocwinyo is widely recognized for his prowess in writing, both creative and non-creative. His literary works encompass various genres, such as poetry, children’s literature, and adult fiction, with Fate of the Banished (1997) and Footprints of the Outsider (2002) being his most esteemed works. These two pieces have been included in the Ugandan A-level Literature syllabus and are taught at different universities, both within and outside Uganda. Additionally, Ocwinyo has collaborated with two other individuals to create an English language course, the Fountain Progressive English, and a practical English language dictionary tailored for East African students. Alongside these achievements, he has authored several biographies.

Ocwinyo has been a valuable editor at Fountain Publishers Ltd. for almost thirty years, contributing his extensive expertise in editing and publishing a diverse range of books. Furthermore, he is affiliated with academia and has participated in editing and publishing academic books and journals.

Ocwinyo’s dedication to his craft is reflected in his voracious reading habit and strong work ethic.