Self-Doubt Is Creativity’s Enemy

Many of the aspiring authors that have walked through the guidance of AuthorPad admit that they could only get the picture of what they really were capable of after they began to realise the beauty that came with their work. After the experienced team of AuthorPad Publishing House engaged them in the appreciation of their own work, they began to see that there indeed is beauty in what they were initially hesitant to share with the world.

Alas, such is the case with many would-be great writers out there. It has always been hard for them to appreciate the first page of what they write in the context of their own heart, but they usually try to assume the critical side of the reader and compare themselves with the great authors out there (who probably also began with the same vice of self-doubt), and immediately turn off their zeal.

This is even more dangerous than the negative public opinion they fear will befall them. Because when one does nothing, there is no opinion or review from his environment, and when there is no opinion, there is no self-reflection and focus on improvement. Thus many great talents have died in oblivion and obscurity.

Self-doubt is the error that pulls the pen from your hand before even you begin to write; it tells you: What good do you think may come from you? — you are no better than any other person out there. It forces you to compare yourself to others and makes you forget that the world cannot be a world if it lacks variety. It makes you think that you must create something of a fashion as someone else did, or at least not write until you can make your way to being as great as them.

At AuthorPad, we’ve got you covered. We work with you to shut out those critical voices screaming from within and trying to stifle the ability in you. We get down that draft with you and see you realise the end of the first step of appreciating your work, even down to the very end of the process.

There is a great capability in every one of us, a great story, a great book. The fearsome step for almost everyone is that first foot that must be launched into those waters of the voyage. But there is no need for you to fear and not hold on to our experienced team that has already been there and launched strategies for you to see that you finally cross to the other end of the shore, the great finish of your book.