Book Editing

Do you have a story to tell?

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You have got an extraordinary idea for a book but have no time, or even the yearning, to sit down and turn that idea into a manuscript. Maybe you are extremely busy with life to pause at length to write your memoir. But you desire to leave a legacy. Or possibly you want to strengthen your brand and widen your reach, but there is still a business to run.

No time? No problem. At AuthorPad, we have assembled a team of expert writers that make creating your book no hassle at all. Let us assist you to tell your story.
We boast of a professional team of experienced top-notch writers that will transform your concepts, ideas, stories and material into a fully developed, well-written book.

Our seasoned writers shall do all this bearing in mind what it takes to convince the publisher and reader that, ultimately, this is bound to be a gripping read. It is your thoughts, your content, and your name on the cover, with the support of one of our writers.

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