Limitless Inspiration

Baffled concerning what to write about?

Think the great ideas of great writers were heaven-inspired?


You probably have been wondering how in the world someone could be able to come up with a catchy concept and weave a captivating narrative. You probably have wondered when you gripped that favourite book of yours; “How in the world could someone think of such a tension-gripping tale?”

You are not alone; and probably you are sailing in the same boat that your favourite author was sailing in. The idea to come up with what to write about seems so intimidating that it happens to be one of the factors that discourage people who had initially made up themselves to finally write down something.

But perhaps this question must change from “What in the earth can I write about?” to “What do I write about?”

This tears your initial fears down to shreds; understanding that the exact question is not as formidable as it appears to face you at first thought.

“What in the earth can I write about?” can be answered with a question that challenges that question; “What in the earth has been written about?”

The answer you will find for that question is not surprising; everything there is to think of and everything that can be barely conceived by the human imagination has been written about.

That brings you to the conclusion that simplifies it all:

The world is a sphere of limitless inspiration.

A whole world of great ideas surrounds you; a whole world of great ideas is within you, in everything you have ever seen, touched, or even fantasized. Even the simplest things are great inspirations for great stories. Consider, for instance, a plastic bottle you kicked years ago while you were walking back from school, and look at this plot:

A boy kicks a bottle one day as he returns from school. He does the same thing the next day. Slowly, a trivial interest grows in him of how exactly he is successful in finding a bottle at every random spot on the way as he returns from school. The day that follows, instead of kicking the bottle, he picks it as he is fascinated by the picture of a celebrity on the branding sticker. As he reads slowly, he comes to the additional information on the sticker that says the bottle can be recycled and used again, and that it is harmful to the environment. He cannot help but wonder how a harmful object can be recommended for packaging of healthy water, and how the same filthy bottle he is kicking can be reused again for another person to drink the same water. His confusion arises there, and he is surprised to find out that almost all the food packaging substances he has been using have the same information. He cannot trust industries anymore. He cannot trust science. What if people soiled the materials that industries intended to recycle again and pack in food for human consumption? Wouldn’t there be worse contamination? He devotes all his life to aspiring to be an advocate for the ‘Go natural’ cause. He wants the whole world to turn back to the ways of old and live the life expectancy of forefathers who did not have synthetic contaminations in their environments. He embarks on a quest to oppose industrialization and the replacement of natural means by artificial ones…

See that? You can weave a narrative from there as long as length can go. Ideas do not come from complex inspirations.

So, whether it is your own emotions, or a happening crisis, or nature, or even a dream that enthused you, or your political environment, or a friend’s anecdote, everything that you would need to be inspired to write about is right around you, or within you.

Look no further than yourself!