Give a Dog a Bad Name and Hang Him

For those of you not familiar with the proverb, the meaning intended was that the thing that has a bad name is more likely to not have the positive approval of many. For example, if a child is named Lucifer, I bet you would cringe at every mention of their name, and you wouldn’t prefer to call them that.

So is the good book that has been given an unbefitting title. Although it is usually in the interest of the writer that he may choose what he likes for his book title, it is usually good that he may choose something that is not so much of a ‘bad name’ in the eyes of his readers.

Though it is difficult to draw the line between what a good and bad name is, there are certainly those extreme labels that show that the writer is about to ‘hang’ his book. A bad name is so bad for its place in appearing first to the reader before even the first page of the book is opened. And that is where the turn-off might come before even the reader can know whether the book is a good one or not.

Though a book may be made up of thousands or tens of thousands of words, it is the title that summarises it all up. When talking about your book, it is the title that will sum up the entire content. How much worse would it be for a good story to be summed up in a bad name as if every good word in the story were also not as good?

The process of ‘christening’ a book isn’t a trivial one, for it is the name by which that legendary work shall be known until Jesus Christ will return to the earth. Thoughtful consideration must be taken, and a number of options—if they exist—should be considered and sieved down to the final selection.

But what if you have done all of this and seem to find no suitable name for your ‘dog’? Do not fear that he will be hanged. AuthorPad has got you covered. The label you need to not only give goodness of name to the title but also uniqueness is only a moment away from you. AuthorPad makes sure that the legacy you have inscribed is given a befitting title, a title that will suit the dignity of your content.